During a casual conversation with a friend of a friend, the subject of L-theanine supplements arose. My mom had sent me a bottle of pills containing this “natural mood enhancer” and I can’t deny they added a little kick to the day. The only reason I even gave it a chance is because I once worked at a tea lounge for a hot minute, where I learned all the health benefits of tea. L-theanine is actually a natural mood enhancer found in tea, especially in white tea, that promotes “calm alertness” as the monks call it. Trust me, it’s good stuff.

So a few months later I run into Friend of a Friend on the bus. We chat for a few minutes and he suddenly takes on a serious note. “can you tell me again, what was the name of that pill you told me about?”

I told him and even texted the correct spelling so he wouldn’t forget.

“Oh good, thanks. I went to Trader Joe’s and couldn’t find it so I asked if they had Happy Pills. The stockboy looked at me like I was crazy and said, ‘You mean cocaine?'”

Well, maybe not that happy.